Jan 17, 2017

Tabor Communications and nGage Events Announce Convergence of Leverage Big Data and EnterpriseHPC Summits

SAN DIEGO, CA (January 17, 2016) – Tabor Communications and nGage Events today announced the combining of the Leverage Big Data and EnterpriseHPC summits reflecting the realities of convergence happening as enterprises increasingly leverage High Performance Computing (HPC) to solve modern scaling challenges of the big data era. The goal of the joined events will be to foster a deeper understanding of the advanced scale solutions increasingly being employed to solve Big Data challenges across industries and achieve performance beyond the capabilities of their traditional IT environments. The event is scheduled for March 19-21 2017 at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

The summit, “Leverage Big Data + EnterpriseHPC 2017,” will focus on bridging the challenges that CTOs, CIOs, database, systems & solutions architects, and other decision-makers involved in the build-out of scalable big data solutions face as they work to build systems and applications that require increasing amounts of performance and throughput. Focus areas will include streaming analytics, modeling and simulation, machine learning/AI and the myriad number of analytics approaches that require real-time performance. As big data models that drive new value mature, many enterprises are hitting the system performance ceiling of traditional IT, and are unaware of options available to them through the High Performance Computing (HPC) and related cloud computing paradigms that have matured in government, science, and academia over the last 30 years, and that is beginning to be employed by leading enterprises today.

The theme of the combined event will be “Integrating High Performance Computing in the Enterprise and Building Big Data Solutions that Scale.”

“Streaming analytics and high-performance computing loom large in the future of enterprises which are realizing the scaling limitations of their legacy environments,” said Tom Tabor, CEO of Tabor Communications. “As organizations develop analytic models that require increasing levels of compute, throughput and storage, there is a growing need to understand how businesses can leverage high performance computing architectures that can meet the increasing demands being put on their infrastructure.”

“In combining the two events,” Tabor continues, “we look to support the leaders who are trying to navigate their scaling challenges, and connect them with others who are finding new and novel ways to succeed.”

“Currently in our fourth year of hosting both of these events, we’ve found the same issues and challenges are being faced on both sides of the infrastructure and business solution equation,” said Philip McKay, President and CEO of nGage Events. “A common denominator is the need for increased dialogue around high performance/high productivity approaches and solutions.

“These are big technology investments into both solutions and infrastructure, not to mention a significant culture shift,” McKay continued. “It’s important for the right people to have the right conversations informed by what some of the trailblazers across the verticals are doing. This will be a holistic look at a transformational phenomenon happening in business, industry and science today.”

“Enterprises that have a Big Data or streaming analytics strategy could well be served to augment their traditional enterprise and cloud architectures with High Performance Computing architectures and hardware,” said Alex Woodie, Co-Chair of the combined summit. “CTOs and technical managers who do not embrace new technologies or create dynamic corporate cultures will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage in the near future as the full impact of available technical talent crunch comes to bear.  This summit focuses on exploring solutions to enterprise Big Data problems and provides a comprehensive overview of approaches for decision makers to ensure their enterprises are successful in the rapidly changing tech landscape.”

The converged Leverage Big Data + EnterpriseHPC 2017 Summit brings together the leaders who are tackling these streaming and high-performance challenges and are responsible for driving the new vision forward. Attendees of this invitation-only summit will interact with leaders across industries faced with similar technical challenges for a summit that aims to build dialogue and share solutions and approaches to delivering both systems and software performance in this emerging era of computing.

The summit will be co-chaired by EnterpriseTech Managing Editor, Doug Black, and Datanami Managing Editor, Alex Woodie.


This is an invitation-only hosted summit that is fully paid for qualified attendees, including flight, hotel, meals and summit badge. Targets of the summit include CTOs, CIOs, database, systems & solutions architects, and other decision-makers involved in the build-out of scalable big data solutions. To apply for an invitation to this exclusive event, please fill out the qualification form at the following link: Hosted Attendee Interest Form


Current sponsors for the summit include Amazon Web Services, ANSYS, ASRock Rack, Birst, Caringo, Cray, DDN Storage, HDF Group, Impetus, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Paxata, Quantum, Redline Performance, Striim, Verne Global, with more to be announced. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at summit@enterprisehpc.com.

The summit is hosted by Datanami, EnterpriseTech and HPCwire through a partnership between Tabor Communications and nGage Events, the leader in host-based, invitation-only business events.