Jun 01, 2015

HPCwire Announces Launch of the Special “Exascale Edition,” Led by Thomas Sterling and Bill Gropp

News Release: Tabor Communications

SAN DIEGO, CA – June 1, 2015 – HPCwire, the leading publication for news and information for the high performance computing industry, today announced the launch of the HPCwire Exascale Edition, an editorial hub covering the latest initiatives and developments around the next generation of supercomputers, spearheaded by luminary guest editors, Doctors Thomas Sterling and Bill Gropp.

The HPCwire Exascale Edition will offer the high performance computing community leading coverage surrounding advances toward exascale computing that are driving the industry to practical trans-exaflops performance, including hardware innovations, advanced parallel programming models, exascale applications and algorithms, policy and more.

John Russell, Editorial Director for Tabor Communications and Managing Editor for HPCwire commented, “The HPCwire Exascale Edition fills a critical gap of in-depth coverage into the path to exascale that’s thus far been missing from our industry. From issues surrounding thought leadership to the marketplace viability of emerging technologies, the Exascale Edition is poised to become the preeminent publication for the emerging exascale community, and I can think of no better leaders to guide it into position than Thomas Sterling and Bill Gropp.”

As Co-editors of the HPCwire Exascale Edition, Sterling and Gropp will provide breaking news pieces related to exascale technologies, featuring interviews with thought leaders and major industry players, analysis of leading research and development, contributed op-ed pieces and summary overviews of technical papers in addition to editorials targeted toward the emerging exascale community.

Sterling brings with him a background in advanced IT as a Professor of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University, and Chief Scientist of the IU Center for Research in Extreme-Scale Technologies (CREST). Gropp comes to HPCwire as a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where he has held the Thomas M. Siebel Chair since 2013, and as Chief Scientist of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

“The push to deliver the world’s first exaflops system is the undercurrent driving today’s HPC news,” said Gropp. “By bringing the exascale discussion under HPCwire’s roof, the Exascale Edition will unify premiere editorial with the critical topics surrounding the systems of tomorrow.”

“As the next great leap in supercomputing, the exascale hurdle brings with it a host of unprecedented technical challenges, but also the potential to overhaul the HPC landscape,” said Sterling. “It’s a privilege to be working with HPCwire to connect with the advanced computing community on such a vital topic.”

“From conveying perspectives and opinions on issues of technology, applications and policies driving our field, to covering our most pressing challenges along the path to exascale computing, the HPCwire Exascale Edition will bolster HPCwire’s leading role in advanced computing by targeting critical issues and developments in exascale-related technologies both domestically and internationally,” Sterling continued.

The HPCwire Exascale Edition can be found at the following URL:www.hpcwire.com/topic/exascale-2/ .

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