Feb 22, 2022

Datanami Unveils 2022 People to Watch

SAN DIEGO, CALIF., February 22, 2022 – Datanami, the leading publication for coverage of big data, advanced analytics, and AI, today unveiled its People to Watch for 2022. This feature highlights key community members who are poised to drive the industry forward in the coming year.

Datanami honors 12 individuals in 2022, the seventh consecutive year of the Datanami People to Watch program. It is no easy task to select a dozen people from the large and vibrant big data, advanced analytics, and AI ecosystem, where so many promising careers are flourishing. However, the sterling accomplishments and bright futures of this particular People to Watch class makes it somewhat less difficult.

“I consider it a great privilege to cover the latest in data, where so much innovation occurs on a daily basis,” said Datanami Managing Editor Alex Woodie. “While the technological progress is breathtaking, what really amazes me are the people who drive this digital innovation. For that reason, I am extremely pleased to shine the spotlight on these 12 individuals, for the unique talents that each of them brings to their given field and the energy they deliver to supporting the community around them.”

After two years of a global pandemic, the growth and progress made within big data, advanced analytics, and AI has been nothing short of remarkable. Instead of pulling back, the world is marching forward faster than ever toward a bright digital future. These 12 Datanami People to Watch winners have played leading roles in driving that innovation leading up to this point, and will undoubtedly have a hand in pushing digital progress for many years into the future.

“It’s my honor to announce this year’s Datanami People to Watch winners,” Woodie continued. “Let us take a moment to reflect on the contributions these individuals have brought to their particular fields and to society as a whole.”

The 2022 Datanami People to Watch selections are:

Ryan Blue
Co-Founder & CEO, Tabular
Co-Creator, Apache Iceberg

Joy Buolamwini
Founder, Algorithmic Justice League
Researcher, MIT Media Lab

Zhamak Dehghani
Director, Emerging Technologies, Thoughtworks
Founder of Data Mesh

Susan Gregurick
Associate Director, Data Science
Director of the Office of Data Science Strategy (ODSS),
National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Tristan Handy
Founder & CEO, dbt Labs

Andrew Ng
Founder & CEO, Landing AI
Founder, DeepLearning.AI
Co-Chairman and Co-Founder, Coursera

 Satyen Sangani
CEO & Co-Founder, Alation

Matthew Scullion
CEO & Founder, Matillion

Adam Selipsky
CEO, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Venkat Venkataramani
Co-Founder & CEO, Rockset

Lauren Woodman
CEO, DataKind

Yu Xu
Founder & CEO, TigerGraph


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