Jul 06, 2022

Tabor Communications Celebrates 15 Years for SVP Jeff Hyman, 110 Years Total for Tenured Leadership Team

SAN DIEGO, Calif., July 6, 2022 – Tabor Communications Inc. (TCI), publisher of advanced scale computing publications HPCwire, Datanami, and EnterpriseAI, is pleased to congratulate the latest member of its leadership team on achieving 15 years with TCI. Jeff Hyman, Senior Vice President & Group Publisher, joins Tiffany Trader, Director, Editorial Operations & Managing Editor, HPCwire, who celebrated her 15-year anniversary last summer, on a leadership team of five that together spans 110 years with the company. The average length of time the TCI leadership team has served is 22 years apiece.

Hyman manages worldwide sales for HPCwire, Datanami, and EnterpriseAI. Prior to TCI, Jeff was Vice President of Sales for IDG’s Bio-ITWorld magazine with a defined focus on HPC used specifically for the life science vertical to accelerate the pace of drug discovery. “I feel very fortunate that Tabor Communications had the faith to bring me onboard 15 years ago, and even luckier to still be part of an extraordinary team of professionals all these years later,” said Hyman.

Trader is one of the preeminent voices reporting on advanced scale computing today. Since joining the HPCwire team in 2006, she has played an essential role in steering editorial strategy, engaging with key audiences, and delivering groundbreaking content when readers need it most. As Managing Editor for HPCwire, Trader brings an unmatched wealth of expertise, insights, and editorial prowess based on years of experience covering high performance, cloud, AI, and other advanced computing technologies.

“I can’t be more excited about what these two highly skilled publishing executives bring to the Tabor Team,” said Tom Tabor, Founder and CEO of Tabor Communications Inc. “One of our most valued accomplishments is very low turnover. We take great pride in creating a healthy work environment and having this many team members stay with us this long is a major endorsement of that. When you look at it as a percentage of the company, over 30% of our team has been with us over 15 years. I am enormously proud.”

From left to right: Tiffany Trader, CEO Tom Tabor, and Jeff Hyman of Tabor Communications, Inc.

About Tabor Communications Inc.

Tabor Communications Inc. (TCI) is the leading media and services company dedicated to high-end performance computing. As publisher of a complete advanced scale computing portfolio that includes HPCwire, Datanami, EnterpriseAI, and HPCwire Japan, TCI is the market leader in online journalism covering emerging technologies within the high-tech industry, and a services company providing events, audience insights, and other services for companies engaged in performance computing in enterprise, government, and research. More information can be found at www.taborcommunications.com.