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Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence emcompasses a set of emerging technologies that is transforming the world as we know it. The explosion in AI tech is undeniable; it’s disrupting old models and creating news ones across the enterprise and scientific computing space. Whether you’re training mega-sized AI models or running inferencing at the edge, you need fast and efficient computing hardware and data management strategies that can keep up.

The public cloud has emerged as the defacto standard for modern computing workloads, thanks to its immense scalability and a plethora of services from cloud giants and independent service providers alike. But issues like cost overruns and vendor lock-in continue to dog cloud use. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to cloud, and we’re here to help you sort through them.

Data Management
To succeed with a big data initiative, you must have an effective data management strategy in place that brings together organizational, administrative, and governance elements. Whether your ultimate data destination is advanced analytics, AI, or real-time decision-making – or all three – you’ll find useful news and analysis of the latest data management strategies here.

Computing demands are so great that they can no longer be satisfied solely by traditional datacenters. Enter edge computing, which brings computing and storage closer to where the data is generated. Along with cloud, edge computing has become an essential component of the modern computing paradigm, driven by the Internet of Things.

Infrastructure is the engine that drives the modern IT era. Making actionable sense of mountains of data requires super-fast machines and a smart deployment strategy. An explosion of CPUs, GPUs, TPUs, memory, and networking devices brings more choice, but also more risk. Stay ahead of the game and keep tabs on the winning technologies.

Quantum Computing
Would you be able to brief your team on what’s happening in quantum computing today? While no one knows precisely when the age of quantum computing will arrive, it’s clear that moment is approaching fast, and it will impact everything. We cover the broad range of activities, companies, and people seeking to bring quantum computing to practical reality, with a focus on enabling technology, practical use cases and applications, and the quantum community itself.

Big data equals big opportunity, but it also comes with big risk, especially when it comes to data breaches. With hackers and malware running rampant across the globe, you can’t afford not to stay up to date on the latest security risks impacting data-driven organizations.

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