Sep 10, 2019

Samsung & ArtRepublic to Sponsor HPC & AI on Wall Street 2019 Conference in New York City

SAN DIEGO, Calif., September 10, 2019 — Tabor Communications (TCI), publishers of HPCwire, Datanami and EnterpriseAI, and BluSky, LLC, producers of HPC & AI on Wall Street, today announced that Samsung, in partnership with Art Republic, has joined the newly refreshed HPC & AI on Wall Street conference taking place on September 11-12 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York as a Platinum sponsor.

Through a partnership between TCI and BluSky, LLC, HPC & AI on Wall Street will bring together thought leaders and industry frontrunners alike to share experiences and strategies that are setting the standards for Capital Markets today and in the future. By providing collaboration opportunities such as board room sessions, interactive panels, and networking & exhibitor sessions, HPC & AI on Wall Street serves as a timely, interactive forum for attendees involved in charting their organizations’ AI roadmap.

Through its Platinum sponsorship, Samsung and ArtRepublic are creating an unparalleled immersive experience to attendees that will enhance keynote sessions and panels alike. HPC & AI on Wall Street retained ArtRepublic to create an immersive experience for the conference attendees with digital art installations that are designed to create wellbeing. The values of the two organizations are deeply aligned around the idea that art and technology can work together to create healing environments and promote wellness. 

ArtRepublic will feature world-renowned digital artists REO and Maxim Zhestkov, who will create works that will be meditative and captivating to showcase how we can visually represent data and bring a human element to complex technology. Zhestov, has developed designs for Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, PlayStation, Nike,  and Under Armour. REO has developed graphic designs, videos and animations for Dior, Adidas, Beyoncé, Nike, and Jay Z.

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HPC & AI on Wall Street showcases the achievements of FinTech innovators who are transforming Wall Street and financial services in the age of big data. Attendees have opportunities to collaborate with experts and peers and to gain first-hand knowledge about advances in artificial intelligence, high performance computing, and data science that are driving new opportunities and technical innovations in the financial services sector.  

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