Tools for Developers of Advanced Applications

Etnus is a leading provider of software development tools for developers of complex parallel and distributed applications in the High Performance Computing community. Etnus products, TotalView(tm) and TimeScan(tm), help software engineers analyze the most complicated applications in the world.

TotalView is a multiprocess debugger that supports more parallel programming paradigms than any other debugger, recently adding OpenMP to the list. It debugs distributed applications as well, on all major HPC platforms.

TimeScan is an event-based performance analyzer that provides programmers a graphical view of the performance behavior of their applications. It helps identify and assess critical interactions between threads and processes, allowing programmers to understand and modify their programs for better performance.

Leading edge programs like the DoE ASCI initiative understand the importance of these tools. Indeed, TotalView is endorsed and required by this program, and others like it.


Etnus Ships Version 4 of TotalView. Here are some of its new features:

Linux (RedHat 5.2,6.0 for x86, Alpha chips)
64-bit application support on AIX
OpenMP on AIX and Linux-x86
KAI Guide (OpenMP) Fortran, C, C++ (Press Release)
Command Line Interpreter
Array statistics, sorting, and enhanced array filtering
Data watchpoints (IRIX, Linux-x86, Solaris)

You can find more information on these and other features on the TotalView page at

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