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HPCwire Brings You an Exclusive Podcast Interview with Dr. Saifur Rahman

Dr. Saifur Rahman

Dr. Saifur Rahman
Joseph Loring Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director, Advanced Research Institute
Virginia Tech

The Advanced Research Institute (ARI) is a platform for multi-disciplinary research and one of more than 10 research institutes at Virginia Tech. The Institute hosts the Computational Bioinformatics and Bioimaging Laboratory (CBIL), where electrical and computer engineering researchers work with biologists and physicians to pursue scientific discoveries in the field of human disease.

CBIL is also a participant of the cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid, or caBIG (http://cabig.nci.nih.gov), which is a voluntary network or Grid connecting individuals and institutions to enable the sharing of data and tools, creating a World Wide Web of cancer research. The goal is to speed the delivery of innovative approaches for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

In this Podcast, Dr. Saifur Rahman, Director of the Advanced Research Institute, discusses the very impressive results his team has realized running a 16-node cluster with Microsoft Windows® Compute Cluster Server 2003.

Not only does the lab's new cluster provide the high-performance computing that drives this team's impressive research efforts, but has been key to new levels of productivity, enabling the researchers to reduce their job processing time by as much as 92%.

Podcast Hosted By

Michael Bernhardt

Michael Bernhardt
Associate Publisher, HPCwire and GRIDtoday

Mike Bernhardt is a well known HPC industry veteran and the Associate Publisher at Tabor Communications, publisher of HPCwire and GRIDtoday. He is a widely requested speaker, panel moderator and panel participant, and frequently contributes industry analysis, commentary and opinion at a wide range of industry events and corporate meetings. With 30 years of experience in the high end of the computer industry, Bernhardt has applied his unique blend of marketing and business savvy to benefit many organizations facing the deployment and adoption of industry changing trends such as Virtualization, Grid computing, Service-Oriented IT, Seamless Mobility and Communications and Computing Convergence, helping organizations understand these trends and how to best position their companies, products and solutions in terms of the bigger picture. As a former Intel marketing executive, Bernhardt knows the importance of developing take-to-market strategy based on sound positioning and keen market understanding. He has served as a marketing and business development advisor to a number of Fortune 50 organizations as well as dozens of start-up business ventures.

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