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The Emergence of High Productivity Computing

An Exclusive Interview with the Brain Trust of Tabor Research

There is a fundamental shift taking place in the HPC industry. Where previously there was a focus on "High Performance," the new paradigm focuses on "High Productivity," or more precisely, how systems and technology are applied. HPCwire Editor, Michael Feldman sits down with the braintrust of the newly formed Tabor Research to discuss the shift and what it means for the HPC community. (Run time: 13:41)


[Debra Goldfarb]

Debra Goldfarb
President, CEO
Tabor Communications, Inc.

Debra Goldfarb is President and CEO of Tabor Communications, where she is overseeing the expansion of the organization as it launches three new operating companies positioned to assist HPC vendor companies, end-users and policy makers with dynamic, actionable market intelligence that comprehensively addresses all attributes of the HPC value chain.

[Addison Snell]

Addison Snell
Tabor Research

A 10-year veteran of the HPC industry, Addison Snell joins Tabor Research from IDC where he was well-known among HPC industry stakeholders as a technical computing systems analyst. Under Snell's leadership, Tabor Research will integrate supplier and user data into forward-looking market intelligence, while conducting frequent comprehensive research studies in topics of interest to the HPC community, while offering a range of client-specific services, including perception surveys, white papers, and go-to-market consulting advisory services.

[Dr. Chris Willard]

Dr. Chris Willard
Senior Research Consultant
Tabor Research

A 25-year HPC industry veteran and former Research Vice President for High Performance computing at IDC, Dr. Chris Willard is currently a Senior Research Consultant at Tabor Research. In his position with Tabor Research, Dr. Willard leads the integration of supplier and user data in a forward-looking market intelligence subscription service called

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