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InfoSecure Unveils Open Source Alternative To Oracle/PeopleSoft

InfoSecure Open Systems & Solutions announced the release of technology and related services that enable the use of the open-source Compiere enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) application on the SAP-certified open- source MaxDB by MySQL database, providing a unique fully open-source alternative to Oracle/PeopleSoft.

Through this new initiative, InfoSecure Open Systems & Solutions will provide customers with comprehensive services for the deployment of ERP, CRM, SCM and other solutions or the migration of their existing applications to Linux.

William E. Ferry, former vice-chairman of Land's End Inc, said, "I think this is a very exciting development in ERP/SCM. Historically, these systems have been expensive and cumbersome. A flexible, affordable system that can easily be tailored to fit a company's unique workflow will produce great benefits for their productivity and their bottom line."

InfoSecure Open Systems & Solutions, consistent with its vision "to enable open source solutions everywhere," recently developed and validated all of the necessary technology to enable the migration of the Compiere ERP application to MaxDB and MySQL database. The company plans to contribute the entire effort back to the open source community. "We are thrilled to have made a significant contribution to the ongoing success of the open source community. Compiere-on-MySQL will provide significant flexibility to large and small companies around the world," said Hugh Buitano, president of InfoSecure Open Systems & Solutions.

Don Samoil, vice president of global sales, added, "With Oracle acquiring PeopleSoft, business may face fewer choices and higher costs. Having a true open-source ERP and CRM solution has become even more critical. InfoSecure Open Systems & Solutions expects that revenues from migrations to Linux and other open source software will more than double in the next 12 months."

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