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StorageSync Software From SimpleTech Available Now

SimpleTech Inc, a leading provider of Flash-based storage and custom and standard memory solutions, announces the immediate availability of StorageSync software, providing quick and easy backup for an entire PC, or selected files and folders. Compatible with any removable products, such as PC cards, USB Flash and hard drives, StorageSync is the ideal solution for ensuring data safety and security.

StorageSync is offered in two versions -- Standard Edition and Professional Edition. The Standard Edition can be downloaded for free at the company's Web site, www.simpletech.com/software/storagesync.php, and is also included on a CD with SimpleTech's SimpleDrive and SimpleDrive Deluxe external hard drives, Bonzai USB Flash drives, and 5GB PC Card Hard Drives.

The StorageSync Standard Edition offers a wide range of features, including Backup and Restore, Synchronization, Media Profiler and Auto-Launch. The Professional Edition also offers Strong Compression, Powerful Data Encryption and File Revision features.

Designed for ease of use, StorageSync enables users to select the desired function from a menu of options. Users can perform Backup, Restore and Synchronization on an entire PC or only selected files and folders to any removable storage media. Users can also select to perform a "full backup" or an "incremental backup." The "incremental backup" is performed only on new or changed files, for faster, more efficient functionality. If files are ever lost through accidental deletion, system crashes, computer viruses or theft, the Restore feature brings back all backup data with just a single click. If data is changed, added or removed, the Synchronization function offers a fast and easy way to compare and synchronize source and target files.

StorageSync's Media Profiler creates a customized, user-defined profile for each individual target media, and remembers each profile. When Auto-Launch is enabled, StorageSync automatically starts when any of the target media are inserted, and using Media Profiler, automatically remembers the user-defined settings for that target media.

"StorageSync eliminates the risk of losing important data, by providing all of the backup and synchronization functions users need to quickly and easily protect their vital information, from an entire PC system to select folders and files," said Charles Hayes, product marketing manager for SimpleTech. "StorageSync works across the range of external removable disk drives, and supports USB, FireWire and PC card interfaces, making it a complete solution for desktop, portable and mobile users."

The StorageSync Professional Edition is available for $27.95 and offers a variety of advanced features. Strong Compression saves valuable disk space by compressing files into a single archive or into multiple archives for easy access. The Powerful Data Encryption offers the strongest password protected data encryption available -- AES 256-bit, as well as 128-bit and 196-bit key options. StorageSync's File Revision feature maintains up to 20 copies of any single file, providing an audit trail of revisions and modifications over time.

"StorageSync enhances the functionality of SimpleTech's external hard drives, Bonzai USB Flash Drives and 5GB PC Card Hard Drives. Our customers are getting a complete storage solution that delivers data protection as well as portability, and demonstrates SimpleTech's continued leadership in bringing cost-effective, value-added storage products to market," Hayes said.

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