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Oracle Corp, one of the world's largest enterprise software companies, announced its latest success stories of customers using Oracle products to store and manage terabytes of data for analysis including, CitiBank, Korea Telecom and the United States Census Bureau. A terabyte of data is the equivalent of a thousand copies of the Encyclopedia Britannica. As the amount of vital business and customer data increases rapidly, more customers are turning to Oracle data warehouses for unlimited scalability and high availability features at a lower cost. With Oracle9i Database, customers can build a data warehouse to gather critical data, deploy business intelligence quickly and more easily, and scale with the pace of a company's business.

"Five years ago, the largest data warehouses in the world were taking in data at the rate of about one gigabyte a day. Now some companies are planning or creating new data warehouses that will need to accept nearly a terabyte of new data per day," said industry analyst Richard Winter. "Oracle9i Database with Real Application Clusters gives, customers increased scalability and higher data availability at a lower cost as the amount of company data grows."

Customer Testimonials

To date, hundreds of customers with more than one terabyte of data have chosen to run their applications on the Oracle database. Some of these customers include ABSA, Acxiom,, Best Buy, Cathay Pacific, CitiBank, eBay, Georgia Pacific, Korea Telecom, La Caixa, max.mobil, Netzero, a United Online Company, NTT DoCoMo, Quelle, reso, ShopKo, US Census Bureau, Walgreens, Wells Fargo Bank and WestPac.

With the high availability of the Oracle Database, the U.S. Census Bureau can now allow the public to interact directly with our multi-terabyte data warehouse for the first time in the bureau's history," Kathleen Pedersen, chief of database management systems branch for the U.S. Census Bureau. "We want to give back more data to the public, and the Oracle technology allows us to do that. Furthermore, the Oracle Database is a safe investment because it can scale to support the future growth of data volumes and user demands."

"Understanding customers is key to our business. Flexibility and scalability made Oracle the best choice for Citibank's Consumer data warehouse in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Eastern European countries," said Anup Das, vice president director regional decision support systems, of Citibank's Consumer Bank in Singapore. "Currently, our data server holds 6 terabytes of data and adds 80 gigabytes of data every month."

"Korea Telecom is incorporating many of Oracle's leading-edge very large database features in its Integrated Customer Information System (ICIS)," said Myung-Sang Yoon, vice president of Korea Telecom. "This enables Korea Telecom to perform a number of complex transaction processing, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), and Data Warehousing processes on terabytes of data at high speeds, and to create seamless integration with many other internal and external systems."

Oracle9i Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Product Leadership

Oracle9i is the technology foundation for a complete and integrated business intelligence and data warehousing. Oracle9i Database, Oracle9i Application Server, and Oracle9i Developer Suite enable users to rapidly develop data warehouses and data marts with a complete and integrated array of ETL, reporting, ad-hoc querying, and analytic capabilities. Oracle9i Database has Extraction Transformation and Load (ETL), OLAP, and Data Mining services built right into the database server where analysis takes place. Oracle9i Application Server comes with built-in portal and business intelligent services that allow easy development and delivery of customized intelligent information. Oracle9i Developer Suite has the tools to build and manage the data warehouse and applications, and to provide easy access and distribution of information across the enterprise.

Oracle9i Leadership in the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Market

Recent independent industry reports and surveys have highlighted Oracle's leadership in the data warehousing and business intelligence market. Those reports and surveys include:

  • DM Review 100 - Oracle was selected as the number one preferred vendors for core data warehousing and business intelligence functionality. According to DM Review's annual product usage and vendor rating survey, Oracle ranked first among the market's most important business intelligence vendors based on the strength of its industry-leading business intelligence, data warehousing, customer relationship management and analytic application solutions. -- "Large Scale Data Warehousing with Oracle9i Database," by Richard Winter, independent analyst for Winter Consulting, addresses the challenges posed to data warehouses by the ongoing gathering of massive amounts of data and articulates the advantages of Oracle's technology and the resulting business benefits.
  • The Data Warehousing Institute's 2000 Industry Report, Harnessing Customer Information for Strategic Advantage -- 79 percent of survey respondents declared "maintaining data quality and consistency" a top technical challenge in data warehousing implementations. Not only did more e-businesses look to Oracle than any other vendor for data warehousing tools, but 33 percent of study participants relied on Oracle tools to manage ETL, nearly twice that of Microsoft and Informatica, and three times that of IBM. "Oracle9i Database is the number one database for data warehousing and business intelligence applications and services," said Robert Shimp, vice president of Oracle9i Database Marketing for Oracle Corporation. "With the increasing volume and complexity of data, it is particularly important that business intelligence applications are deployed on a data warehouse that can accommodate growth to ensure investment protection. That's why customers choose Oracle."

About Oracle

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