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JDA Software Buys Accrue Software's NeoVista DM Products

JDA Software Group Inc Announced that it has completed the purchase of the NeoVista products, including the Decision Series data mining toolset, from Accrue Software Inc for an undisclosed sum.

With this purchase, JDA has once again executed upon its strategy to broaden its product footprint through the acquisition of another value-add, complementary software application.

Because the leading edge Decision Series currently serves as the foundation for JDA Intellect, its new market-ready business intelligence application, the company expects the assimilation to be rapid and uncomplicated. The transaction was accounted for as a cash purchase and is not material to the company's financial position.

"We have a history of driving revenues, increasing profits and improving customer service by expanding our product footprint through acquisitions, and leveraging our global sales and support infrastructure," commented Jim Armstrong, JDA chief executive officer.

"Our clients depend on us to continuously search the industry for applications that will extend their investment in our host, store and analytic solutions while enabling them to alleviate costs for in-house development or multi-vendor integration."

"With our ample funding, global operations and solid infrastructure, we will continue to execute on this appealing strategy and further distance ourselves from our competitors," added Armstrong.

In addition to the Decision Series, JDA gained Accrue's RDS-Assort and RDS-Profile products, which will be marketed as modules of Intellect.

The company has also extended employment offers to several associates from the NeoVista team, who will relocate from Accrue's Fremont, Calif. office to a new JDA facility in the area. The San Jose area office marks JDA's 32nd global location, and first development facility in the Silicon Valley.

Accrue Alliance Evolves Into Acquisition

JDA first announced a partnership with Accrue in March 2000, which allowed the company to embed the Decision Series, a proven performer at some of the world's largest retailers, into select Portfolio products.

JDA's interest in acquiring the Decision Series intensified as it developed the Intellect modules. Powered by the Decision Series, Intellect enables JDA to deliver another retail first: actionable business intelligence in a packaged solution that features advanced descriptive and predictive analytic capabilities.

"With the current economic slow down forcing executives to stay focused on the issues that most affect their bottom line, we've seen increased demand for the type of knowledge discovery that only data mining solutions can deliver," commented Hamish Brewer, JDA president.

"Since over half of our R&D investment in existing products is client-driven, we were influenced by overwhelmingly positive feedback when previewing Intellect to our clients."

"We've already proven Intellect at a tier one retailer with our first test deployment in conjunction with our ODBMS merchandising system. We now have complete control over the Decision Series plus the skilled resources to accelerate delivery of future Intellect modules," added Brewer.

Four Intellect modules are currently available: Demand Planning, Seasonal Profiling for replenishment automation, Size Profiling and Channel Profiling. Future modules will support such competitive practices as customer behavior analysis, price optimization, promotional modeling and market basket analysis.

Decision Series: the Rocket Science Behind JDA Intellect

Referring to Intellect as "rocket science for the rest of us," Peter Charness, JDA's chief product officer and senior vice president, global marketing noted that retailers and manufacturers can realize a substantial return on investment by using Intellect to better predict customer behaviors, market trends and internal performance.

"There are huge wins available to both retailers and their suppliers by applying advanced tools to mine the massive volumes of data that retail businesses generate," commented Charness.

"No one can do this manually. Intellect will help distinguish the winners from the losers as global supply chains become more automated and responsive to local consumer preferences."

"Our value proposition is simple and powerful: JDA Intellect enables our customers to leverage the most innovative technologies at a fraction of the cost historically associated with implementing such advanced analytical applications.

"Our clients won't need to employ a highly specialized team of sophisticated mathematicians and statisticians. All the advanced data mining technology is already embedded in Intellect," explained Charness.

By integrating Intellect into the Portfolio suite, JDA has condensed such time-consuming processes as identifying data sources, scrubbing data, preparing data for modeling, building mathematical models, reviewing results and then taking action with a ready-to-use solution.

JDA also uniquely offers closed-loop execution into appropriate Portfolio host and analytic applications, which helps turn decision support into decision execution.

Former Accrue/NeoVista Executive to Advance Intellect

As part of the agreement, JDA has hired Judson Groshong, Accrue's former vice president of marketing. An industry veteran with over 20 years managing and growing technology companies, Groshong served as vice president of marketing at NeoVista.

Joining JDA as a vice president with broad responsibility for the success of Intellect, he will report to Charness as part of the global product marketing team.

"I am thrilled to join the market leader and believe that our Decision Series data mining engines and other tools will be perfect additions to JDA Portfolio," commented Groshong.

"With JDA's history of significant research and development expenditures, we will be able to continue our evolution of the Decision Series products to keep pace with technology advances and market demands. I am confident that this purchase will greatly benefit our current associates, business partners, and most importantly, our valued customers."

About JDA Software Group

With more than 1,000 retail and 2,500 manufacturing clients, JDA Software Group Inc is the global leader in providing integrated software and professional services that address real-world issues to help multi-channel companies manage their mission critical operations.

By capitalizing on its market position and financial strength, JDA commits significant resources in furthering its next generation of me retail intelligent solutions that exploit the power of the Internet to meet emerging business needs.

Founded in 1985, JDA is headquartered in Scottsdale and employs more than 1,100 associates operating from 32 offices in major cities throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, visit JDA at

Contact JDA Software Group Inc, Scottsdale, Maureen N. Tuskai, 480-308-3233,

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