People & Promotions: Michael Wolfe Joins PGI. New VP at LSI.


  Wilsonville, Ore. -- The Portland Group, Inc. (PGI), announced that Dr.
Michael Wolfe has joined the company in a senior staff engineering position.
  Wolfe comes to PGI after eight years as an Associate Professor of
Computer Science and Engineering at the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science
and Technology. From 1979 until 1988, he was a founder, vice president, and
chief scientist at Kuck and Associates, Inc. He received his Ph.D. in
computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in
1982. For a number of years, Wolfe was an active member of PGI's technical
advisory board and is keenly aware of PGI's business and product
  Widely known and respected in the parallel computing research community,
Wolfe has over 50 publications in that field. The pioneering work in his
Ph.D. thesis served as a basis for the 1989 book "Optimizing Supercompilers
for Supercomputers", a defining reference in the field of advanced compiler
development. His most recent book, "High Performance Compilers for Parallel
Computing", provides a clear and comprehensive understanding of modern
analysis and optimization techniques used in compilers for parallel systems.
He is also working on a new text describing compiler optimizations for
today's high performance uniprocessor systems, PGI noted in a press release.
  "PGI is the only independent compiler vendor working to provide a complete
solution to the high performance and parallel computing community," Wolfe
said. "I am pleased to have the opportunity to join PGI, and hope my
value-added will help make PGI software products even more attractive to
users and vendors of high performance computing systems."
  According to Larry Meadows, Chief Technical Officer at PGI, "We have a real
need for highly expert yet pragmatic parallel compiler engineers right now.
I can't over-emphasize how much technical expertise Michael Wolfe brings to
PGI. He's proven time and again that he has an ability to define innovative
parallel compilation techniques and then carry through with high-quality
working implementations. He will help to further expand our technology lead
in High Performance Fortran (HPF) and related High Performance Computing
(HPC) products. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have Michael
working with us."

DAVID MACRAE, PRESIDENT OF DISCREET LOGIC, RESIGNS New York, N.Y. -- David Macrae, president, chief executive and a director of Discreet Logic Inc. resigned. The company had recently issued a warning about earnings for the quarter ended last month. Discreet said that for the second quarter ended Jan. 31, it expects revenues of $25 million and per share earnings of 2-4 cents, versus revenue of $13.7 million and earnings of 7 cents per share in the year-ago period. Company Chairman Richard Szalwinski, who was named acting CEO, called the anticipated results very disappointing. He cited a delay in availability of a new generation of Silicon Graphics Inc.'s computer hardware that runs Discreet's software. SGI's announcement held back planned purchases of Discreet's Flame, Inferno and Vapour applications, which run on the Onyx RealityEngine. Discreet develops and supports non-linear, digital sound and image processing systems for creating, editing and compositing special effects.

RON BELL TO HEAD LSI LOGIC'S NEW ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE DIVISION Milpitas, Calif. -- LSI Logic Corp. has appointed Ronald K. Bell vice president of its newly formed Advanced Architecture Division. According to a press release from LSI, the Advanced Architecture Division will set the overall technical direction of the LSI Logic Products Group. Bell, 53, was the chief technical officer for Unisys Corporation from 1993 until recently joining LSI Logic. Bell joined Unisys predecessor Sperry Rand in 1969 and became an authority in the design and application of microprocessor technology. He received the company's highest technical award in 1988, when he was named a Unisys Fellow. He was the vice president and general manager of the Unix Systems Group (Salt Lake City and San Jose) for Unisys from 1991-1993. "I have followed LSI Logic since its inception (1981) with a great deal of interest," Bell said. "LSI Logic is well positioned to make major technological advancements, directly impacting the global semiconductor industry on a long-term basis." The Advanced Architecture Division includes Software Research and Development, Advanced Circuit Engineering and Advanced Architecture Marketing. LSI Logic is a supplier of custom high-performance semiconductors.

CSPI PRESIDENT & CEO DAVID BOTTEN RESIGNS Billerica, Mass. -- CSPI Inc. announced that David Botten, president and CEO, has resigned from all positions with the company. The company is in the process of selecting a successor. In the interim, operations will be handled by an executive committee comprised of three members of senior management -- James Waggett, vice president who is head of the Embedded Computing Division and a founder of the Company, Michael Stern, vice president of Operations, and likewise a founder, and Gary Levine, the company's vice president of Finance. CSPI is a manufacturer of vector processors, bio-imaging systems and vision systems.

COMPUTER NETWORK TECHNOLOGY ANNOUNCES DEPARTURE OF MAC LEWIS Minneapolis, Minn. -- Computer Network Technology Corporation (CNT) announced that C. McKenzie (Mac) Lewis III, its executive vice president of Marketing and Engineering and its president and CEO from May 1986 to December 1995, has resigned as an officer and director. Mr. Lewis said, "Over the past several months CNT has made management changes and prioritized its business to focus on new markets for 1996 and beyond. The fourth quarter of 1995 demonstrated an improvement from weaker results during the middle of 1995. Of particular importance, it reflected improved revenue from some of CNT's new markets. Following this initial period of transition, I believe it is the appropriate time for me to leave CNT to pursue other opportunities." CNT develops and markets high-performance networking products for the enterprise.

PROTEON APPOINTS DAVID ALLEN VICE PRESIDENT OF EUROPEAN SALES Westborough, Mass. -- Proteon, Inc. announced that David Allen, a networking industry executive with more than 15 years experience, has been appointed vice president of European Sales Operations. Allen joins Proteon from Thomas-Conrad Europe Ltd., where he had been serving as General Manager for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He previously held senior executive positions at Cisco Systems and Madge Networks. While at Thomas-Conrad, Allen helped the company to expand its reach to all European markets, building revenues to nearly $1 million per month within seven months of operation. As vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Madge Networks, Allen helped expand the company from a small boutique British engineering form to a major industry player with more than $150 million in revenue. Earlier in his career, he held executive positions with Interactive Inc., San Diego, Calif.; MDS Quantel of Southern California; and Western Data Systems, Los Angeles, Calif. A native of North Kingston, R.I., Allen also has permanent EEC residency. Proteon is a supplier of networking products.