IBM Cruises onto Internet with Security Products & WWW Software


  Somers, N.Y. -- IBM continued to assert its Internet leadership with the
announcement today of new products and services to provide customers with
solutions for all phases of doing business on the Internet. Among the
Internet announcements are:

o A wide variety of new servers and browsers with security options for the Internet's World Wide Web (WWW), for customers looking to get connected to the Internet;

o CICS Internet gateway, which provides a robust, secure interface to customers' CICS business transaction systems from the World Wide Web; and DB2 WWW Connection, allowing data contained in DB2 databases to be accessed on a Web server. These new gateways, which will be integrated into IBM's new Web servers, are for customers seeking to integrate a Web presence with their existing business information systems. IBM also introduced MQSeries Internet gateway for MQSeries commercial messaging software;

o World Wide Web extensions to VisualAge. This technology will bring the power of award-winning, object-oriented programming to the Web environment for application developers;

o QBIC and infoMarket Search World Wide Web search engines which enable easy access to diverse Internet databases;

o Installation services for security and Internet access, consulting services for Internet planning, WWW content design and creation, Internet implementation and home page development; and

o Significant enhancements to the IBM Global Network's worldwide dial access and leased line access to the Internet.

"From top to bottom, it is our aim to deliver products that make it easy for our customers to realize the competitive edge offered by the Internet," said John R. Patrick, vice president, IBM Internet Applications. "With today's new announcements, we have reinforced IBM's commitment to provide end-to-end solutions to enable our customers to get connected -- to the Internet and to their customers."

New Offerings from IBM's Internet Connection Family -- Web Servers & Clients The initial servers will include the IBM Internet Connection Server for OS/2 and the IBM Internet Connection Server for AIX, both of which will be commercially available in July. AIX is IBM's industrial strength UNIX operating system which runs on IBM RISC-based workstations, servers and parallel supercomputers.

Secure versions of the OS/2 and AIX Internet servers will be available in beta code shortly. These secure servers will support S-HTTP and SSL, the leading standards in the emerging area of Internet security. Interoperability will be provided with IBM WebExplorer and other Web browsers that support these protocols.

The IBM Internet Connection Server for OS/400 was announced, the operating system for the IBM AS/400 which will be available for beta test later this year. This new OS/400 Web server will leverage the OS/400 operating system which already provides many native security implementations including an integrated database and integrated security authorization. IBM's AS/400 platform will provide a secure HTTP server to enable business transactions over the Internet. In the first half of 1996, OS/400 will introduce a device driver to enable users to employ any Web browser to access AS/400 applications.

IBM will provide an Internet Connection Server for MVS, the S/390 mainframe operating system which will enable customers to utilize a portion of a mainframe's computing capabilities to function as a web server. This is an attractive option for organizations with an investment in mainframe skills seeking an Internet presence that can be easily integrated with mission-critical operations.

The IBM Internet Connection Server for AIX will support its high performance supercomputer, the Scalable POWERparallel Systems (SP2). Customers like the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games will be using the SP2 to provide the ability to apply scalable supercomputing performance to the Internet to accommodate extremely high levels of system usage.

In addition to these server offerings, IBM announced its enhanced version of the IBM WebExplorer for OS/2, a browser which now features new drag-and- drop and graphic streaming capabilities. A secure version of the WebExplorer for OS/2 will be available for beta testing shortly. Standard and secure versions of the IBM WebExplorer for AIX will be offered later this year. These secure browsers will feature interoperable S-HTTP and SSL security protocols.

A further enhancement to OS/2 Warp Internet users is Person to Person (P2P) application software which is currently bundled with OS/2 Warp. P2P enables people to conduct interactive, multi-party desktop conferences with other Internet users anywhere in the world.

Additionally, IBM has collaborated with IDG Books, the publishers of the popular 'For Dummies' series of computer user guides to introduce 'The OS/2 Warp Internet Connection', a new users guide to IBM's operating system to provide tips for getting the most out of an Internet connection.

IBM's Internet Connection Family is built upon industry-standard TCP/IP which is a component of the IBM Open Blueprint.

IBM Internet Connection Family - Web Server Gateways To enable customers to integrate their current systems and data with their Internet presence, IBM is offering a CICS Internet gateway. CICS Internet gateway is a new user interface that enables businesses to offer a secure World Wide Web connection to CICS, the preeminent business transaction processing system used today by 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. CICS Internet gateway can be previewed on the World Wide Web at: <http://www.hursley.ibm.com>.

Beta code was announced for DB2 WWW Connection for OS/2 and AIX will be available for downloading over the World Wide Web beginning June 20 at no charge on the IBM Software home page at <http://www.software.ibm.com>. This application provides a secure interface between a Web client and IBM's popular DB2 relational database enabling users to run queries and retrieve information over the Internet from this popular commercial database.

IBM introduced MQSeries Internet gateway for MQSeries commercial messaging software. This new application brings powerful asynchronous communications and security functions to computer applications that use MQSeries for Internet communications.

Applications such as CICS Internet gateway, DB2 WWW Connection and MQSeries Internet gateway are significant building blocks which enable customers to go beyond marketing and communications uses of their corporate home pages and begin integrating their online presence with their core business systems. These gateways will be integrated into IBM's new Web servers for OS/2 and AIX.

Internet Connection Family -- Web Authoring Tools A new method for building Web-enabled applications is provided by a new extension of VisualAge to the World Wide Web. This new application development tool builds upon VisualAge Smalltalk -- named by Datamation and PC Week as one of the top products of 1994 -- and extends its capabilities to enable the development of commercial business applications for the World Wide Web.

With this new technology, IBM is implementing a new set of parts to fit on the VisualAge palette. This new capability brings the power of IBM's award winning, object-oriented programming to the Web environment. The combination of these Web parts and VisualAge's data and transaction capability adds a new dimension to the types of applications developers can deploy on the Web.

IBM Electronic Publishing Edition Commercially Available IBM announced the commercial availability of the IBM Electronic Publishing Edition which will give companies everything they need to create and publish documents and books on the World Wide Web. Web documents created with the IBM Electronic Publishing Edition offer HTML features like platform portability and hypertext links, with the added benefits of expanded linguistic-based searching and complex table support.

In addition, the documents created by the IBM Electronic Publishing Edition will be highly compressed, allowing 40 to 60 percent more data to be stored on a Web server, and support WordPerfect, MS Word, AmiPro, Framemaker and SGML -- freeing users from the need to know HTML and opening up Web publishing to business professionals.

The IBM Electronic Publishing Edition will be commercially available June 30. Support for additional platforms is planned for future versions. To test drive documents and books created with the IBM Electronic Publishing Edition, point your browser to <http://booksrvr2.raleigh.ibm.com>.

IBM Internet Connection Family - Web Search Tools IBM announced that Query By Image Content, (QBIC), is now available online for demonstration purposes at the following URL: <http://www.~i.almaden.ibm.com/cs/showtell/qbic/Initpage.html>.

QBIC enables users to run natural language searches over the Internet based on the content of an image. For example, users can search all enabled databases in a network for photos of red automobiles.

These searches can be conducted by color, texture, pattern and other similar characteristics and will provide a very powerful tool for use by graphics professionals in a wide range of industries.

Also debuting today is a beta test program for infoMarket Search, a new database search and retrieval service offering over the Internet. Beta testers of infoMarket Search will initially be able to simultaneously search a select number of important Internet databases including a major Internet directory, USENET newsgroups and a major Internet Web guide.

Potential beta testers can register for consideration as participants in the program on the World Wide Web at <http://www.infomkt.ibm.com>. IBM will select a broad cross-section of users for the beta test with the introduction of the service before the end of the year.

IBM announced a new set of Internet consulting services and capabilities to help customers create the right Internet solutions for their business, including enterprise-wide Internet planning and design, Internet implementation, home page design, content design, creation and testing, education, training, workshops and seminars.

Internet Server Implementation Services were introduced to connect an enterprise's employees quickly to the Internet. These services include consulting to determine a customer's Internet requirements, home page design and content creation, and turnkey implementation of Internet services such as electronic mail, FTP, Telnet, USENET news and WWW services. Design, installation and testing are included in this service.

A bundled version of the IBM NetSP Secured Network Gateway (SNG) was announced, a powerful software program that creates a network "firewall" to control all electronic traffic flowing between the Internet and corporate networks. Currently a U.S.-only promotional offering, this bundle includes the NetSP SNG software program, a dedicated RS/6000 server and the AIX operating system, as well as optional Internet access services through the IBM Global Network. IBM is also announcing the NetSP Installation Service, to provide customers with a turnkey solution.

For customers who are uncertain how to most effectively use the Internet, Business Transformation Consulting assesses where business processes could be enhanced by using the Net. These services include Internet Planning and Design to create I/T infrastructures, network designs to support secure Internet solutions and Internet Seminars and Workshops to keep customers up-to-date on the latest techniques and technologies.

Advanced Internet Graphics and Design Services IBM Interactive Media, which works with customers to design and develop interactive media content and applications, including CD-ROMs, interactive Kiosks and Interactive Television applications, has begun applying these core graphics and design capabilities to the Internet. Using their state-of-the- art facilities in Atlanta, IBM Interactive Media has begun providing customers with Web page design services, leveraging their expertise in navigation design, 2-D and 3-D graphics and rendering, and MPEG digital video compression.

Coupled with the group's transactional consulting experience in the areas of direct customer access kiosk-delivered solutions, and sales force automation solutions, IBM Interactive Media provides customers with the expertise to design and create an advanced, highly-interactive Web presence.

IBM Global Network Enhances Internet Capabilities Also announced were significant enhancements to IBM's dial and leased line services provided by the IBM Global Network, the world's largest integrated data, voice and video network.

Many of the advancements are due to the rapid deployment of a new technology called the "LIG," or LATA Interface Gateway. The LIG is currently being deployed in the U.S., and will be deployed in Europe and Japan later this year. The LIG uses IBM RISC and OEM DSP technologies capable of supporting high-speed dial services. The LIG roll out also complements IBM's high-speed, high-bandwidth Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network that will be deployed in 83 cities worldwide by year's end (50 U.S., 33 elsewhere).

The IBM Global Network will expand dial access speeds of up to 28.8 Kbps to include 350 cities in the U.S., a key feature for those who "surf the 'Net," run applications and download large files and graphics. In Europe, the IBM Global Network will provide dial access speeds up to 28.8 Kbps in 20 cities in 10 countries by year's end.

Leased line access, previously only available in the U.S., will become available in Japan for eight cities in September at speeds ranging from 64 Kbps to 512 Kbps. In Europe, leased line services will be available in 20 cities in 10 countries beginning in the third quarter of this year.

Major service enhancements also are planned for Latin America where 14.4 Kbps dial access, leased line access, traveling user, Web site creation and content hosting, education and training programs and local help desk support will be rolled out in many countries this summer. Access services will first be offered in Argentina this month followed by Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru in the third quarter of 1995, and Venezuela in October.

Solution for Educational Internet Access "K-12 NetVoyager Solution" is a service offering for K-12 Schools which provides a turnkey approach to effective use of the Internet in a school environment. This includes an Internet access and application suite (Web browser, Mail, News, etc.) through the IBM Global Network, complete training of school staff for meaningful Internet use, a curriculum planning guide to help align educational goals with Internet resources, and services for the development of a WWW home page presence for schools.

The K-12 NetVoyager is intended to provide safe, effective Internet access and a compelling presence on the Internet that accomplishes educational objectives. To supplement this offering, IBM will provide a K-12 Home Page on the Internet by the end of June which will include product information, training schedules, pointers to popular K-12 education Internet sites as well as ever-expanding curriculum ideas for Internet infusion into the classroom. The K-12 NetVoyager offering is available today through IBM's K-12 Industry Solution Unit.

The IBM Kiosk for Education, a new home page on the World Wide Web, provides educators with a central resource for information about IBM higher education solutions, programs and promotions, as well as information relating to customer partnerships and other higher education related Web sites. The IBM Kiosk for Education can be visited on the World Wide Web at: <http://ike.engr.washington.edu/>.

In a move to help IBM's government customers, IBM has created a Government Systems home page which now provides users with the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule. This online service provides all pre- negotiated pricing for thousands of IBM products and services. The service enables government employees to use a desktop browser to order products and services over the World Wide Web at the click of a button. The GSA schedule can be accessed at <http://www.clearlake.ibm.com/GOV/>.

For more information, please send email to: , or call 1-800-IBM-3333.